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Making our faith a bridge rather than a barrier to a healthy and life-giving relationship

This is a beautiful anecdote of three religious people faithfully practicing their personal faith yet also of the same mind in taking care of each other’s needs. All of them are grateful to God for the wonders each one has done and received from each of them. Yes, in our projects we show care and […]

Lent: Walking with Jesus

First Sunday: First Stop The other day, I met a young man as I was coming into our Parish Church to prepare for the Ash Wednesday evening Mass. He wanted to know if there is an evening  service in the Church. I told him to come back at 6 pm and attend to the Mass […]

The Test of Real Friendship

Homily for 7th Sunday in Ordinary time 2012 Can you keep a secret? I have a confession to make. I have 766 friends on Facebook. True, that’s the latest as of 9.54 pm last night and counting. It’s quite a lot of ‘friends’ really. But many of them are just acquaintances. Some I just met […]

Christ: the lover of the unlovable

Homily for 6th Sunday in Ordinary time 2012 Our Gospel today is one of those gospels that is really not Good News for us when we hear it for the first time. It is seemingly ‘not’  Good  News for us who are called Christians because to live out this noble name is to imitate Jesus […]