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(By Junjun)

Of all the things I possessed, you are the one I treasured the most,
unique, one of a kind, star in a million, special friend,
of all the friends I have, you’re the most special
Sweet as a cake, strong as Samson, meek as a lamb
of all the people I’ve met, you’re very distinct
talented friend, friendly, humorist, funny

When you passed by the window of my life,
I could not but follow you with my foresight
It’s you my friend who changes my life’s design
Your company englightens me everyday
Even until now, you are my sweetest memory.

Having you is my great treasure
In the risks in life, that I take, I feel so secured
You’re so great, nothing alike
You are so different from me,
But in some things in common, we are alike.

Friend, your words are sweet melodies of my morning
and your voice is the lullaby of my evening
friend your presence completes my life
and your moves inspire me to live.

All the storms of life, you were there to shelter
in the dry season, you were there to moisten
in the rainy season you were there to shed
and in summer, you were there to refresh me.
You are a friend indeed.

In times of sorrows, troubles, conflicts, problems,
A friend you are, you immerse with me
in joys and laughter and happy moments
a friend you are, you celebrate with me.

Friend of all the people you are unique
Friend of all my friends, you are distinct
Thanks for the laughter, sorrows, joys and happy moments
You’ve shared with me.
A friend you are, a friend indeed!



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