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Prayers: Always events of grace

Moments of Grace

The 8th of August year 2012, and the feast of St Mary of the Cross Mackillop is one particular ‘graced’ day for me. I went to concelebrate with Fr Andrew at the Holy Mass at St Francis of the Fields School. It was great celebration of the children and staff from both Catholic primary schools in the parish: St Therese and St Francis primary. It really was a moment of grace for me to see the eagerness, the excitement and the certain joy radiating in the faces of the children as they tried to participate in the liturgy. I just said to myself: thank you Lord, for your grace of your presence in the Eucharist.

After that I had to move on to Poor Clares  to do the Benediction for the nuns and the Serra Club members who devoted this week for the prayer for vocation. It was another experience of God’s consolation for me because I realized that though there were only very few people there, they were actually united with the whole of Australia in prayer for vocation. They were actually one with the whole Church in praying for vocation.

Then last night we had our CAD (Catechesis, Adoration, Dinner). It was another graced time for me because of the presence of young people, expressing our faith and praying for our own personal needs as well as praying for the whole world in front of the Blessed Sacrament.

With all these experiences, I thank God for his grace because it helps me realize that  I can experience his grace all the time, anywhere as long as I make myself aware, open and available for him.

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