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Jesus: thank you

Jesus thanks

Composed 02/07/09 (@30-day retreat)

Childhood cravings I have obtained

Pride and honour, I have gained

Yet only emptiness now remained

Because to eternal life, they’re not destined.


I looked for something else somewhere

But I could not find there either

I turned to God and he surprised me

For he quenched my thirst and clothed me fully.


Jesus came and took my hand

He showed to me the everlasting land

Where earthly pride, honour and riches are absent

Only love, love and love are present.


Jesus brought me back to life

He showed me the way to live a fully human life

He laid down his life for me

Asking me to follow Him in this way

So I went to find the way to die

But he said, only love the  others and yourself die.


At first I was confused what he really meant

Because dying for somebody is not an accomplishment

But then when He showed to me his love

I realized, it is dying for love, makes it super and above.

Thank you Jesus for calling me today

Thank you for training me to serve you freely,

Thank you Jesus for the love you’ve shown

Because of this, I learned to share my own.

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