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Jubilee celebrations

Junjun’s moment of grace

Celebration of jubilee is always a graced time for me. Just last week,  our diocese of Sandhurst was celebrating the 50th of 4 of its priests and  1 was celebrating his 25th year in the priesthood.  Being a newbie in the ministry,  I would always get inspiration from them- my ‘big brothers’ in the priesthood. Being a ‘baby’ in the life as a priest,  celebrations like jubilee always uplifts, affirms,  strengthens and encourages me to go on as a man of God in the world today.

Listening to the jubilarians speaking about their life as a priest, I understood that they got to 25 or 50 years or even more in the priestly ministry because of the abundant grace of God to them as expressed in their love of  being a priest and in their love of  the diocese they are serving.

How amazing really is God’s grace working in everyone of us. No doubt, it is by God’s grace that those priests were able to get to 25, or 50 or even more years in the priestly ministry. Thank God for his graces.

Through the witness of the jubilarians,  I have unveiled two great secrets to a successful and more meaningful life, no matter who we  are, whatever good it is we are doing now and wherever we may be at a given moment. First is that we must not just accept who we are but really to love who we really are. The second is that we must endeavour to be faithful  and consistent to our work and to who we claim to be and to whom we are representing to- which in our case- Jesus Christ.

So let’s pray that God in his grace and mercy would remind us always that to live a meaningful and a successful life is to be faithful to him while at the same time we may be more loving in who we are and in what we do.

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