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A beautiful friendship

There was once a beautiful woman who used to walk through the streets of the town, and everywhere she went, she was noticed. Everyone in town wanted to talk to her, listen to her, ask her questions and spend time with her. In the same town, there was a poor girl, dressed in rags. She too was very beautiful, but no one ever noticed her or wanted to have anything to do with her. She was lonely and sad. She would gaze at the beautiful, finely dressed woman and see how much attention everyone paid to her. And she wished so much that people would pay attention to her. She had so much in her heart that she wanted to share, but no one would listen.

So one day, the  poor little girl in rags plucked up courage to speak to the beautiful lady in the fine clothes. ‘Please’ she said timidly, ‘excuse me, but may I ask you a favour?’ The fine lady, who was a very kind person, turned around at once and smiled at the poor girl.

‘Of course’, she replied. What can I do for you?’

‘Well,’ ventured the poor girl, ‘it’s like this: you are very beautiful and finely dressed, and everyone takes notice of you, but I am poor and have no fine clothes, and no one ever even notices me. It would make me so happy if, just for one day, I might hide myself inside your beautiful cloak and walk around with you through the town. Then whenever people stopped to notice you, they would also be paying attention to me, and I think I have something important to tell them that they would value, if only they knew.’

The fine elegant lady readily agreed to the poor girl’s request, so the very next morning, she wrapped her fine cape around the poor girl, and they walked together through the town. Everywhere, as usual, people stopped to admire the fine lady, and when they did so, they also paid attention to the poor girl wrapped in the fine lady’s clothing. As they walked, the fine lady talked with the poor girl. She asked all about her, and was very interested in everything she had to say. She discovered just how wise the poor, ragged girl actually was, and they quickly became the best of friends- so much so that, after that, they never wanted to be parted. To this day, they still walk through the world together.

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