If you oh God

If you oh God would appear to me today

And gave me a chance to ask you  for one thing only

The very thing I’d ask you unhesitatingly

Is that I will be  with you every moment everyday.

If you oh Lord, asked me why I chose this thing

Because my God, you are my everything

All I desire is to be united with my God

For only this I can love everyone good and bad.

If you oh Lord should grant me this special grace

That every moment I can gaze at your face

I’d be the happiest of all

For only with you I can love all people.

If you my God would graciously give

This greatest gift that one can receive

Then I wouldn’t mind what kind of life you want me to live

Be it as you will: Apostolic or Contemplative.

Just don’t let me go away from you

For I could do nothing without you

But with you, I believe everything is possible

Except of course serving the devil.

Oh God draw me to you closely

That I may forever proclaim your glory

For you are my God, my all, my loving Father

Draw me close by your side forever.

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