Jesus’ Inaugural Speech

dsc00908.jpg (Written: 4/7/09 at 30-day retreat)

(Mt 4:14-30)

Oh Jesus, when you delivered your Inaugural Address

You already caused restlessness to the Synagogue elders

Citing Old Testament’s passages might be alright

But for  the Jewish Elders, insulting them wouldn’t be right.


‘Doctor cure yourself’, you hinted them then

Because they looked you down for your origin.

And then you challenged them that they’re not worth saving

As you cited Elijah and Elisha and the miracle they’re doing.


After proclaiming the word of the Lord in Isaiah’s scroll

Your words were gracious and you’re praised by almost all 

When you sat down at the synagogue corner

All people’s eyes were at you, in awe and in wonder.


You were first admired by all there present

When you spoke with conviction as being sent

Then when you said something uncomfortable to their hearing

They drove you out to the brow of the hill, intent of killing.


Interestingly, you just walked through their midst

Pre-empting another wonder evident as your later deeds attest

From then on, you continued your ministry

To proclaim the Good News of Salvation for everybody.


Jesus I ask for courage to stand

To stand for the truth no matter what comes at hand

Help me to dare to challenge for God’s sake,

That like you, pride and honour I would forsake,


Mary I beg you to obtain me the grace

To rely solely on God in his Divine Grace

Father make me like your Son

Courageous and brave in proclaiming your love to everyone.


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