About Me

Hi, I am Junjun. I am a Roman Catholic priest. Originally, I  come from the Philippines but now I am serving in one of the Dioceses in Australia…

This blog would be my way of  telling the world how great God is in all that HE is and in all that he does…

So I am inviting all of you to walk and journey with me, as we are all invited to the great Banquet of God…

I hope this journey of ours will be an interesting and enjoyable trip…

Let’s go…

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69 comments on “About Me

  1. Would it be okay to use some of your weekly reflection for our bulletin, you have a wonderful gift of clarifying the gospel message.

    • Oh I’m pleased to hear this request…yep definitely…you can use the reflections here since it is for this purpose that this blog is made…that is to preach the message of the Gospel…
      In this way you are helping me and many others to preach the message of the Gospel…I would thank you for this noble move…..

  2. Thank you my Father Uncle ..for you did not ignore my ‘request’…
    Can I have a favor again?
    Please help me to know mOre about God ..
    Im thinking Im already far from him..
    Well I’ll just open your bLog everyday..
    This will be very helpful..
    thank you and take care always.. 😀

  3. I have read a lot of your site content now so that I thought I’d create a opinion and just go on and claim that you post outstanding information here. Book marked this excellent website long ago and have absolutely been here for some time. Once again, thanks for creating all of this shareable for the general public.

  4. Nice post.. Evrytime I read your post I was inspired reading it. Keep up the good works father. Senig – los angeles.

  5. Hello Father Junjun, thank you for all you do for Our Lord.
    Are you interested in speaking about your journey and ministry on a Catholic podcast?
    The Source and Summit Podcast is an open podium for Catholics to share their love for the Church.
    Through the technology on our website you can record an item for the show, from your own computer.
    It is a new way to spread the Word and let your voice be heard in the community.
    You are welcome at sourceandsummit.cc for more information and to listen to some examples.
    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me.
    Peace be with you, Marvin Max.

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