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Tossed by the strong wind of melancholy

A little flower strove to stand it all amidst cruelty 

Alone in the desert of desolation

 A little Rose stood still after tribulation.


Day after day, it struggled too much

Longing for somebody’s gentle touch

It tried to sing, but no voice was heard

The little Rose, in nothingness wished to be dead.


But one day, a daring Bee came and buzzed around

The lonely flower, now turning brown

Stretched to look up to touch the bee

Ignoring the pain, its sting may carry.


Do you know my friend, that flower is me?

And you my friend, you are that Bee.

Your arrival here in the desert of desolation

Enlivened me and made me feel I’m a special person


As a friend, you eased my melancholy

Your sting, though painful, but I bore it sweetly

Your presence added color to my faded life

Your buzzy jokes and smile and laughter, settled my strife.


Yet so sad, this flower returned to loneliness

For you left me alone in this isolated wilderness

But friend, once upon a time you made me happy

The sweet aroma of your friendship drove my misery away.


Oh friend, thank you for coming into my life.

Thank you for sharing with me a part of your life,

Thank you for your company, once in my journey

Had it not because of you, I must be long  dead already.


Friend, thanks for the bitter-sweet sting you’ve left

At least, you made me feel, precious is myself

Now I am confident to say, that the Rose’s melancholy

Is eased by your sting, my friend, my life’s Bee.

One comment on “Melancholy

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