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Junjun’s moments of grace

I was going to a certain  Cemetery one afternoon to lead a graveside service, but I  couldn’t find the way to get there.  My GPS wasn’t of great help then, because it wasn’t upgraded. I was desperate to get there because I was running late for the time of interment. I kept on driving while desperately looking for the street signs leading to the Cemetery. As I was driving, I passed by a couple having a chat beside the street. But I already drove past them. I had to go through another couple of blocks to make a U-turn.  In the silence of my heart I prayed: ‘Lord, please don’t let them go as yet, I need their help.’ I was glad that they were still there when I turned around. So I got out of the car and asked them how to get  to the cemetery. The man directed me, where to turn, when to turn, and how long will it take from there. And he added: ‘Actually you can follow this lady in her car because she is passing by the cemetery on the way to her home.’

So I followed the lady faithfully until she stopped at the very gate of the cemetery. Only then I realized that she really led me there. She didn’t just tell me  where it is, but she really led me through there.

That was a graced moment for me because it reminds me of what Jesus  did and continues to do. He wouldn’t only  tell us where to go but really he guided us, and went before to get us to heaven. 

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