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What it is to be a good Shepherd?

Homily for Easter IV B 2012 There was a time when Australia was said to ride on the sheep’s back. The production and sale of wool was an immensely important part of our economy. Most Australians would occasionally have had some contact with sheep. Of course we didn’t call their owners ‘shepherds’: they were graziers. […]

Listening to the Scriptures and Breaking of the Bread (Eucharist)

To grow into a personal and real relationship with Jesus Homily for 3rd Sunday of Easter 2012 During the week I happened to watch the episode on the reality show called ‘The Voice’ wherein hopefuls would try their luck by singing and impressing the four judges with their voices. One of those who wen to […]

Jesus is real: Not an Ilusion

 Easter III B 2012 The gospel passage we read today is the last we shall read on the Sundays after Easter relating appearances of Our risen Lord. This one occurs near the end of St Luke’s gospel. Again the emphasis is on the joy of the disciples. Their joy was so great that they could […]

Touching the wounds of Jesus: touching the vulnerable today

Homily for Second Sunday of Easter  2012 There is a TV program in the Philippines that grants people’s wishes, more particularly to help the poor people get out of a miserable and poor situation. This particular episode just got me. They were helping out this extraordinary couple who earned their living as ambulant vendors. They […]

Easter II B 2012 Homily

Doubting Thomas In the evening of that same day, the first day of the week, the doors were closed in the room where the disciples were, for fear of the Jews. These men had run away when Jesus was arrested and they were still frightened, even if no one was looking for them. It looks […]

Easter: The Proof that God chooses the best for us

Homily for Easter Sunday 2012 A woman in her mid-50’s boarded a plane. But when she got to her assigned seat, she immediately burst out saying she didn’t like her assigned seat. She didn’t like it because beside her was a ‘black’ man sitting. ‘I can’t seat here beside this ‘vermin’ she said loudly. She […]

Easter Sunday 2012: Good News

 On any day you can look into the classified advertisements in the newspaper and you will see announcements of births and announcements of deaths. You will never see a report that somebody who had been executed, whether by firing squad, or lethal injection, or decapitation, or electrocution or hanging – in short, somebody who has […]