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Tips for the Kingdom & for our salvation

Homily for 21st Sunday in Ordinary time year C 2013 Last year, together with the Filipino Community in Bendigo and some Australian friends and parishioners, I organized a Philippine outreach project. I invited the parishioners to donate whatever they can give. I am amazed of the response of the people in the parish. Some gave […]

A test of our loyalty to Christ

Homily for 20th Sunday in Ordinary time year C 2013 Being here in Australia for 6 years has helped me so much to understand the culture and the people. This includes the footy. And yes I have a team.  It’s just amazing to see how people followed their AFL team. One time, Bishop Joe took […]

Attitudes of Waiting for the Lord’s coming

Homily for 19th Sunday in Ordinary time year C For me, one of the highlights for World youth Day celebration in Rio de Janeiro is the opportunity to see Pope Francis in person. So on the day Pope Francis was to arrive at Copacabana beach we were full of excitement and expectations of him. While […]

Living life to its fullness

Homily for 18th Sunday in ordinary time year C 2013 Many of you might have heard of or seen the events of the World Youth Day held last week in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. You might have seen footage of the famous Copacabana beach filled with people. I was there. You might not see […]