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Is Christ really the King of my Life?

Homily for the solemnity of Christ the King  November 20, 2011 Last week I went to garage sales around Bendigo area in Australia. I was struck by the many things people can acquire only to realize later on that they don’t actually need them. So they would want to get rid of them. It is […]

Homily on the Parable of the Talents

Homily for 33rd Sunday in Ordinary time 2011 (Year A) There was a young Filipino guy who was born from a very poor family. At a young age, he was forced to work to support his mother and all his 5 siblings after his father left the family for another woman. He worked in the dangerous […]

Reflection for 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

15th Sunday of the year A middle-aged woman walked into the slums of a large city. She had two dollars in her purse, had no income, and no place to stay. All she had was deep conviction that God was calling her to doing something for the poor in that area. And she felt certain […]