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‘Let my Spirit rejoice’ Mary sings…

Homily for the 4th Sunday of Advent 2011 Can trust you with a secret? I have a confession to make. I love watching the TV programs called ‘Undercover Boss’, and ‘The Secret Millionaire’. I am always captivated by the idea of a boss or a millionaire going out of their own comfort zones and go […]

Prepare the Way of the Lord: 2nd Sunday of Advent

Homily on the Second Sunday of Advent  2011 I have always been nicknamed as ‘Junior’, ‘Junjun’, ‘Jun’ by many people who know me. However when I came to Australia in 2007, the then Bishop of Sandhurst, the late Bishop Joseph ‘Joe’ Grech asked me what name should I prefer to be called.  I said, ‘Junjun’ […]

‘Stay Awake’- the message of hope

Homily for 1st Sunday of Advent  2011 A few months ago, I watched a reality show program in a Philippine television which aims to grant people’s wishes. This particular episode was about a high school student who is left alone in this world. Her mother, the last of her relations died and she was left literally […]

Is Christ really the King of my Life?

Homily for the solemnity of Christ the King  November 20, 2011 Last week I went to garage sales around Bendigo area in Australia. I was struck by the many things people can acquire only to realize later on that they don’t actually need them. So they would want to get rid of them. It is […]

To become Saints: Our deeper calling

Homily for All Saints’ Day 2011 Today, the universal Church celebrates the solemnity of all the Saints. Historically this practice of honouring the saints started during  and after the persecution of the early Christians.  Because of the many who were martyred then, it was quite difficult to remember all the dates of their martyrdom. Furthermore, […]

KFC (Keeping Friendship with Christ)

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time A In today’s gospel, it seems that Jesus has contradicted himself. At one time he said: ‘Judge not and you will not be judged.’ And today he urges us to correct  another person who does wrong. It leaves us a question: ‘How can we correct without judgment?’ At a closer look […]

The Cost of Discipleship

22nd Sunday in Ordinary time Year 1941,  in Auschwitz concentration camp, a prisoner had escaped. The commandant announced that 10 men would die. This was to serve as a warning for those who were planning to escape. The commandant picked his choice randomly. He ordered: ‘This one, that one’ as they were being marched away […]