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3 ways to keep the faith alive

Homily for 27th Sunday in Ordinary time year C 2013 I.  ‘Jesus has done it again!’. I’m referring to the episode in our gospel today wherein Jesus has shown one of the remarkable ways on how he dealt with some requests or plea from his audience. In the  gospel, we heard of his disciples  asking […]

How Real is your GOD?

Homily for Wednesday [7th Week of Easter 2011] I don’t like eavesdropping but on my way back from Benalla last Sunday evening, I just couldn’t help but listen to a young man sitting right behind me on the coach. He was talking with someone over the phone about somebody close to him who is in […]

How to Pray with the Gospels?

Our best source of prayer will always be the New Testament. The Gospel of the Day in particular is best prayed in a  contemplative way. Here are some suggestions for this: 1. Pick a short passage from one of the Gospels and read it once. 2. Settle into a comfortable posture,conducive to peacefully listening to God. […]