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The Heart of the matter is what matters

Homily for 22nd Sunday in Ordinary time year B  2012 Father’s day (Australia) As I reflect on the gospel today, a memory came to mind about a certain seminarian who was put in charge of the chapel and sacristy in a certain seminary. This seminarian (an ex-seminarian now, for he left the seminary later), was really meticulous […]

Sharing our littleness: A Big thing

Homily for 17th Sunday in Ordinary time  Year B 29 July, 2012 Three years ago, I witnessed a miracle myself and until now I couldn’t stop thanking God for his wonderful manifestation of his compassion to me and to my family. Three years ago, my 14-year old nephew was diagnosed with Leukaemia. His case was already […]

Patience and Determination: seeds of the Kingdom of God

Homily for 11th Sunday in Ordinary time (Year B 2012) About four months ago I asked my brother back in the Philippines to build me a house. So I asked him to give me a budget proposal. He got back to me and said that a cheap, yet native-looking typical country house would cost about two-thousand […]

Christ: the lover of the unlovable

Homily for 6th Sunday in Ordinary time 2012 Our Gospel today is one of those gospels that is really not Good News for us when we hear it for the first time. It is seemingly ‘not’  Good  News for us who are called Christians because to live out this noble name is to imitate Jesus […]