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Repentance: Stop, look and listen (to God)

Homily for 3rd Sunday of Lent year C 2013 Brothers and sisters, in this third Sunday of Lent we are all urged to repentance and to bear fruit. But we may ask, how might we do this? What might be the best way to take to a true repentance? If you went around the Philippines […]

Prophets and Prophecy

 Homily for Sunday XIV B 2012 Today’s readings focus on prophets and prophecy, so perhaps we need to clarify our ideas about who and what they are. Prophecy was a revelation from God to the prophet, which it was his task to transmit to others. It was not necessarily prediction, although it often did involve […]

As we reflect today…

Let us  ponder on these beautiful words of the song by a Filipino Christian singer Gary Valenciano “Take Me out of the Dark.” Just what is it in me Sometimes I just don’t know What keeps me in your love Why you never let me go And though you’re in me now I fall and hurt you still My Lord, please show me how […]