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When Jesus ‘falls’ in love

Homily for 5th Sunday of Easter year C 2013 I went to a retreat in the last couple of days with 30 others young adults, all leaders for the Victorian World Youth Day pilgrims in Millgrove. During the first night we had this activity called ‘getting to know you.’ We are asked questions that speak […]

Why did Jesus choose me?

Jesus‘ criteria for his followers is that one listens and follows him when he invites. If we look at the character of each of the apostles, we find that Jesus has actually gathered a whole bunch of personalities and quite hard to imagine how would they get on. But they did one thing…they listened to […]

Homily- Reflection for Passion Sunday

 The Passion narrative in our gospels form the oldest part of the gospels. The disciples made a record first of Jesus’ passion, death and resurrection. Then eventually they reflected on  his words and deeds, even to his infancy, as our gospels tell us. On this day, the Church celebrates Christs’ entrance into Jerusalem to accomplish his […]