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Christian Community: Community of love

 Sunday XIX B 2012 Only last week we read that the people whom Moses had led to freedom soon began murmuring / whispering / complaining because they had left the comfort of captivity behind. They no longer had the food they’d always enjoyed in Egypt. Did he want them to die of hunger in the […]

Jesus: The true bread for life

Sunday XVIII B 2012 In previous weeks I’ve pointed out that most of the Christians of Ephesus would have come to the faith from pagan backgrounds. Different peoples had different gods and different beliefs. In the Greco-Roman world the gods were sometimes referred to as ‘the Immortals’ but there was no suggestion that every human […]

Homily for 3rd Sunday of Easter 2011

Our gospel  today tells us about two of the witnesses of the resurrection of Jesus. These disciples are on their way to Emmaus. They were discussing about the events that have happened for the past week, more particularly about Jesus, their ‘dead’ hero, the one who frustrated and crushed their hope of a messiah that […]