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The Silent Prayers

There is a poem called A Legend by Adelaide Proctor. It is about a preacher whose sermons attracted large crowds from far and near.

During all of his sermons, there was an old man in the background, who was seen to be quietly plying his rosary beads. One day the preacher was thanking God for his gift of preaching that drew so many listeners, and seemed to change so many lives.

Imagine his surprise when a voice told him that it was not his sermons that were having the great effect on people. People’s hearts were being touched and changed because of the prayers of the old man who was praying his rosary beads in the background!

-Some of the greatest movements for good in the history of the world have been brought about by the quiet prayers of totally unknown people. (Jean Vanier)

– For every one word I speak to people, I should have a many a word with God. I go to God for the sake of people, and to people for the sake of God. (jackmcardle)

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