Funeral of Bishop Joe Grech

The Funeral of Bishop Joe Grech of Sandhurst is on Thursday,  6 January, 2011, at 1 pm, Sacred Heart Cathedral Bendigo.

There is also a vigil service on Wednesday evening, 5 January,  at 7 pm, at the Catholic Cathedral in Bendigo.

For more INFO…visit here: www.sandhurst.catholic.org.au

3 comments on “Funeral of Bishop Joe Grech

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  2. when a plant is pulled from the earth, its roots dangle in the air, lost, hungry for the soil that is its home. when we lose someone we love, we are like that plant. our heart longs to sink itself back into the soil of the loved one who so nourished it. how can we not grieve, how can we not feel cut off and uprooted, as if a part of us has died, because a part of us has.

  3. It was interesting to read your post Funeral of Bishop Joe Grech Junjun FAITHBOOK.

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