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Am I a disciple or just an admirer of Jesus?

Gospel Message Today

Reflections on Commitment

By: Barbara Regan, r.c.

“Am I really Jesus’ disciple, or just one of his admirers?”

The Admirer of Jesus

The Disciple of Jesus

…stands in the crowd  and listens to his speech.

…lets the words of the Lord influence his conduct.

…agrees with Jesus that the world is a sinful place.

…Goes home enthusiastic about Jesus’ teaching.

…eats bread and thanks God for His bounty.

…drinks wine and enjoys good friends.

…goes out among the crowd along the way of the cross.

…knows that he is a creature made by God, an earthen vessel, beautiful and intact, inviolable and safe.

…remains an earthen vessel, intact, but not whole.

…has a good life, but is not fully alive.

…stands in the crowd and listens to him speak

…lets the words of the Lord influence his life and burns like a consuming fire in his heart.

…grieves because of his own sinfulness and accepts God’s forgiveness.

…invites Jesus to come to his home and have dinner with him.

…becomes bread broken for the life of the world.

…enjoys good friendship and becomes wine…spilled out for his friends.

…walks in Jesus’ footsteps carrying the cross.

…is an earthen vessel, vulnerable, broken for others, revealing Christ within.

…is an earthen vessel, broken and remade in the image of Christ, broken and glorified.

…has the gift of abundant life and lives it to the full.

What do you say?

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