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4th Sunday of Lent [2011]

Readings:4th Sunday of Lent 20111 [Samuel 16:1,6-7,10-13;Psalm 22:1-6;Ephesians 5:8-14;John 9:1-41; or John 9:1,6-9,13-17,34-38] “Why do you want me to repeat the whole story again? Do you want to become his disciples too? I try to imagine the confidence of the blind-but-now-can-see man asking the Religious authorities this question. I believe it’s very hard to argue with […]

The Bright Side of Life

It’s good to have a proper balance in our lives, more so during LENT. Balance Once the great Anthony of the Desert was relaxing with his disciples outside his hut when a hunter came by. The hunter was surprised to see Anthony relaxing, and rebuffed him for taking it easy. It was not his idea […]