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How to overcome temptation?

Stay focused on Jesus…and make him one of your best friends….

I envy you Jesus my friend

For you overcome all temptations of the fiend

World’s riches, honor, glory for you, are nothing and empty

For in you, lies the eternal and real glory.

You exhausted satan of all his tricks

You embarrassed him of his dirty tactics

Food, he offered, from stone to bread

You shamed him saying, ‘bread is not only your need.’

The world and its treasures he offered to you

The condition is for him to rule over you

Same, the offer you turned down immediately

Because for you, the worship to God alone is necessary.

Satan enticed you off the cliff, jumping

He said, ‘angels down there are waiting’

You said, ‘get lost satan out of my sight

Dare you no put God to the test.

Satan was trapped by his own snare

As he tried to stop your mission so dear

To tell us of your Father’s Kingdom in heaven

and to lead us there when our days ripen.

Jesus I plead with you, your courage I need to gain

To help me stop satan’s ways so mundane

Guide me to follow your ways

And help us to desire God always.

Jesus thank you for showing us the way

To conquer the motives of the enemy

By letting him explore all means of temptation

While you remain unmoved, still standing on your ground.

Jesus give us the courage to dare

To see and avoid the devil’s snare

So that we may not lose sight of your person

As you lead us to our eternal salvation.

I composed this poem prayerfully while contemplating on the scene of the temptation of Jesus by the evil one. This is one of the fruits of my thirty-day retreat in Jesuit’s Retreat House in Kew  in June 2009.

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