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Cruising with Jesus

A life of Cheese and Crackers

There was once a lady who scrimped and saved for years in order to take an ocean cruise. At long last, she had saved enough money to pay for her ticket. However, there was not much money left for luxuries. She nevertheless decided to go. “For I will take along a large supply of cheese and cracker biscuits,” she thought, “and eat them in my cabin. That way it won’t cost as much.”

This is just what she did. She went on the cruise and had a fine time. At mealtimes, when the other passengers went to the dining room, she went to her cabin and ate cheese and crackers. She consoled herself with the knowledge that she had saved just enough money for one dinner. On her last night aboard she was going to splurge and have a gourmet meal!

The last night finally arrived, and she dressed in her best clothes. Finally, she was to eat with the other passengers in the dining room. With great anticipation, she ordered the most delicious meal. “Oh,” she said, “the sacrifice was worthwhile.”

At the end of the meal, she called the waiter and asked for her bill. The waiter looked at her in great surprise. “Madam,” he said, “didn’t you know that all your meals were included in the price of your ticket?” (Charles Arcodia)

Jesus has paid all the price of our sins and death. It’s really worth celebrating and enjoying. But we can only enjoy this with Jesus always with us and in us. Let’s cruise the ocean of life with Him, and always and we’ll definitely have a good time not only now, but in the end as well. Let’s enjoy his company, and let’s allow him to enjoy our company as well. Stay focused to him and let’s cruise with Jesus.

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