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How to follow the 10 Commandments today?

“Before  I die I mean to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land,” a nineteenth century industrial baron once said to Mark Twain.  “I will climb to the top of Mount Sinai and read the ten commandments aloud.” 

“Why don’t you stay home and keep them?” replied Twain.

God gave us ten commandments so we are to obey. If  they were only ten suggestions then we can choose to follow or not.

We might say, it’s very hard to follow them all. True and God knows that. That’s why Jesus sums it up into two great commandments of loving God and loving our neighbour. Yes, it’s still hard to do this, but Jesus just showed us the way how to do it faithfully…the cross…Jesus walked his talks…He simplified the ten commandments into a commandments of love. He not only said it, but he really did it…And so should we. 

What do you say?

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