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God’s plan for us…

Have we realized by now, what is God‘s plan for our life? Do we allow God to work in us, with us and through us?

It’s not always helpful for us to imitate someone else. God does not want us to become another ‘St. Francis’ or ‘Mother Teresa.” He wants us to be our real selves just like what all the saints did. 

Look at this amazing video of a young talented Filipino guy who can sing with both male and female voice.  I supposed he might have been ridiculed before as ‘doble-kara’ [double-faced] because of what he is capable of. But he has realised this is God’s plan for him. So he joined the reality TV show in the Philippines and showcased his incredible and unique talent. He won the grand prize of 2 milllion pesos plus all other awards. However the most rewarding of it all for him is that he has united all his family members which he has been dreaming of ever since he was a child.

(N.b. if you don’t want to listen to the interview or you can’t understand the language just play forward to 2:34.)

or ponder on this story…

Once upon a time three young trees were growing side by side in a huge plantation. With a typical youthful enthusiasm, they shared with one another their hopes for life when they reached maturity.

One hoped to be used in the building of some mansion, so that its grain and quality would be admired by the great and the famous.

The second hoped to form the tallest mast in the most beautiful sailing ship, thus gaining full attention as it sailed into any port.

The third hoped to  be part of some big public spectacle, well out in the open, so the passers-by would stop and look on in wonder.

The reality for the trees, according to the legend was:

– The first was cut down and part of it was used to make a trough for animals, and it later became a manger in a stable.

– The second was cut down, and part of it was used to make a very simple fishing boat that spent a lot of its time tied up on the shores of the Sea of Galilee.

– The third was cut down, and part of it was used to form the beams of a cross, which was used for crucifixion. 

*The ideal is to be available for God to use me in any way he chooses to establish,to promote, and to build up the kingdom of his Son Jesus Christ.* [J. Mcardle]

One comment on “God’s plan for us…

  1. I started to learn.. <<<<<>>>>>>

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