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Thank God for this gift of the Priesthood

My ordination to the priesthood is fast approaching. It keeps me on my toes, catching people, organizing things, etc. Thank God for for all the warm support that people from my home parish are pouring on me regarding the logistics and the like. It keeps the preparation a lot easier and less stress. It really is a busy time  for me, yet it is also a great time of recalling all the blessings of friendship and companionship. There are also people from all over whom I have met in some ways before who are expressing their support and encouragement to me, which makes my spirit soar up high making me ready for my ordination to the priesthood. For the next week or so, I will endeavour to  find a quite time for myself just to put things together and make myself fully available to receive this precious gift of the priesthood. So please my friends keep me in your prayers as I am also praying for you. 

As for now, please sing with me as  I pray this prayer:

One comment on “Thank God for this gift of the Priesthood

  1. The moment I saw your blog was like wow. Thank you for putting your effort in publishing this site.

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