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Jesus: The true bread for life

Sunday XVIII B 2012 In previous weeks I’ve pointed out that most of the Christians of Ephesus would have come to the faith from pagan backgrounds. Different peoples had different gods and different beliefs. In the Greco-Roman world the gods were sometimes referred to as ‘the Immortals’ but there was no suggestion that every human […]

Reflection on the Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ

Solemnity of the Body and Blood of Christ [Corpus Christi Sunday] One of the  few Australian TV programs that I follow is “Man Vs Wild”. This program is hosted by an ex military man Bear Ghryllis.  He would go for an adventure into different parts of the world, climbing up mountains and cliffs, swimming across […]

The EUCHARISTIC SPECIES: The REAL body and blood of Jesus Christ

THIS IS POWERFUL!!!!! PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT AND PASS IT ON  TO OTHERS. Dear friends this is a homily given by Father Jeffrey Montz, distributed by his friend. This is a very moving reflection on how real the body and the blood of Jesus that we always receive in the celebration of the […]

Desecration: Consecrated Hosts Stolen from St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church: By Deacon Keith Fournier

What is most troubling is that the thieves took nothing else from the Church Make no mistake; what happened in Carbondale is a very, very serious matter. Of course, with the Bishop, we hope the thief will realize the gravity of his action, return the ciborium with the consecrated hosts and repent. However, we need to […]