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What have we to send to Heaven?

A rich man had a dream in which he died and went to heaven. St Peter escorted him down a lovely street to which each house was magnificent. The rich man saw one house that was particularly beautiful. “That,” said Peter, “is the house of one of your servants.”

“Well,” said the man smiling, “if my servant has a building like that, then I’m really looking forward to seeing my own magnificent mansion.”

Soon they came to a very small street where the houses were tiny. “You will live in that hut, “said St Peter, pointing his finger. “Me, live in that hovel!”roared the man in great anger. “This is the best we can do for you,”explained St Peter. “You must understand that we only build your home up here with the material you send ahead while you are still on earth.”

One comment on “What have we to send to Heaven?

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