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A Place like Home

The common maxim, “There is no place like home” is indeed true and a fair statement. Most if not all people live on this principle. A father who forced to leave his family and work overseas to sustain the family, is always looking forward to get home and be reunited with his family. A mother who is  anxious and excited for the arrival of her beloved from abroad, would always see to it that their home is well-organized when he comes. And when the awaited time arrives, the homey spirit becomes alive again and the house glows again. For there is no place like home.

But one may observe, “If that is true, that there is no place like home, then why is it that there are families who could not get on so well in their own homes?”

One simple answer for this is because “there is a place like home” but is not a home. It is like a home in many ways. Everything a person desires is dumped in there. Everything that one needs to live and survive is there. The comfort and the luxury that are found in the home are also found in there. Like a home, it is also equipped with many rooms, big and small rooms for everyone and for everything to fit in. If a home is a silent witness for the occupant’s positive and negative attitudes and behaviours, this place like home is also a silent yet a dangerous witness for one’s attitudes and behaviours.

This place is one’s heart. If there is no place like one’s home, then there is also  no heart like one’s heart. In one’s heart, everything is kept. Some hearts are tidy, while some are not. Some hearts are open to strangers, while some are restrictive. Some hearts are generous, while some are not. Some hearts are loving, while some are less loving. Some hearts are considerate while some are tough.

Yet, what’s surprising here is that, one is always at home with his/her own heart. The heart contains everything that a person desires, needs, longs, wants, and loves. It’s all there.

There are times that inside one’s heart, conflicts of likes and dislikes arose, just like one’s home, when the occupants could not agree for one thing. There are times that one’s heart leads him/her to a perfect serenity and sanity, while there are also times when one’s heart drives one to confusion and indecision. Yet still a heart is always a heart, just a home is always home, even if the occupant refuses to acknowledge it.

So there it is, some families could not get on so well because the ‘heart’ which is the primary home for each occupant is not nurtured. There is a need therefore to “ feel at home in one’s heart”. Feeling at home means sorting out some things that can cause conflict, heart to heart talk, expressing one’s feelings towards the others with the hope of reconciliation and further understanding. At home with one’s heart also means putting many things in life into perspective, just as the kitchen in one’s home is always found in the “kitchen” and not in the bedroom.

There’s a place like home. One’s heart is a place where one’s personal home is built, and no one can destroy this home, but the only owner. Make heart a home and then feel at home for it is a place like home.

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