A prelude of the 24th Sunday Readings…[Ex32:7-11, 13-14; Ps 51; 1 Tim 1: 12-17; Lk 15-1-32 (or 15:1-10)

Since tomorrow’s gospel is about the prodigal son, here is a story which somehow simplifies the whole message of this beautiful and awesome gospel….[by Jack McArdle)

Dr Blenton, a psychiatrist, said, to a patient’s surprise that he actually studied the Bible everyday. “It is the greatest textbook on human behaviour ever put together. If enough people studied it, absorbed it, and began to live by it, most psychiatrists would be unemployed.”

As an example, he spoke about the parable of the Prodigal Son, and he said that if people really believed the core of that story, namely, that God’s loving forgiveness is infinitely greater than any mistake we can make, all of his patients, paralysed with guilt feelings, would walk away free and healed.

-This Parable should be called ‘The Parable of the Forgiving Father.”

-Jesus invites us to come home, where a big hug awaits- even if our faces are covered with pig’s food!

Watch this wonderful, true life story of forgiveness…Letting go and forgiving a worst kind of sins, is possible, with Faith in God…

3 comments on “A prelude of the 24th Sunday Readings…[Ex32:7-11, 13-14; Ps 51; 1 Tim 1: 12-17; Lk 15-1-32 (or 15:1-10)

  1. You’ll be able to never say thank you sufficient over and over once more, but for myself and for your post, in between it and myself, it’s still a big thank you.

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