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Just a true love, and you can expect the best…

A wealthy  man lost his wife when his only child was very young. A housekeeper came to work in the house to take care of the boy. The boy died tragically at twenty years of age. The old man was without kith or kin, and he died of a broken heart some years later.

He had no heir to his enormous estate, nor could one be found. Neither was there a will, so the whole property passed to the state. In due course there was an auction to dispose of the personal effects of the mansion.

The old housekeeper attended the auction, not because she could buy anything but her grief was too strong to keep her away. There was only one thing in the whole collection that attracted her attention. It was a photo of the son. She had loved him as her own. No-one wanted the photo, and her few pence were enough to buy it.

She brought it home, and proceeded to take it from the frame. When she opened the back of the frame some papers fell out. They looked important, so she brought them to a lawyer.

The lawyer looked at her and laughed saying, “You sure have landed on your feet this time. The old gentleman has left all his estates and all his money to the person who loved his son enough to buy the picture.” (Jack McArdle)

How much love we have for Jesus? Is he the only treasure we have in our heart? If so, then God has already left us an enormous amount of wealth that can never be given by the world.

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