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What difference can we make?

One day as he began his daily prayer, a holy hermit saw passing by, a cripple, a mother begging for food for her pathetically malnourished child, and the victim of what must have been a very severe beating. Seeing them, the holy man turned to God and said, “Great God! How is it that such […]

Keeping Everybody Happy…? (Jack McArdle)

The Following is a summary of the comments made about the parish priest in a typical Irish parish: If his homily is longer than usual: ‘He sends us to sleep!’ If it’s short: ‘He hasn’t bothered!’ If he raises his voice: ‘ He is shouting!’ If he speaks normally: ‘ You can’t hear a thing.’ […]

A prelude of the 24th Sunday Readings…[Ex32:7-11, 13-14; Ps 51; 1 Tim 1: 12-17; Lk 15-1-32 (or 15:1-10)

Since tomorrow’s gospel is about the prodigal son, here is a story which somehow simplifies the whole message of this beautiful and awesome gospel….[by Jack McArdle) Dr Blenton, a psychiatrist, said, to a patient’s surprise that he actually studied the Bible everyday. “It is the greatest textbook on human behaviour ever put together. If enough […]

Top 10 Modus Operandi of the Most Common Crimes in Manila

SOURCE: Crime doesn’t pay and neither should you, not with your hard-earned cash, gadgets, credit cards, and even your life. Awareness is key to everything so brush up on the M.O.s of the old-timers and newbies in the world of fast cash cons in the country. 1. Sneaky Office Intruders Scene of the crime: […]