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God knows what he’s doing (jack mcardle)

One day, a man was walking through a field, deep in meditation and reflection. He stood in awe before a huge oak tree, reflecting on the tiny acorns lying around  the base of the tree- the ones that had fallen off in the wind. He looked across the fence at a huge field of pumpkins, each one growing on a tiny vine plant. Suddenly he had a thought: “God made a mistake, surely! Why should the huge pumpkins be on  tiny vines and the tiny acorns grow on a huge oak tree? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Just then there was a slight puff of wind and a tiny acorn fell from the oak tree, and plump! it him him on the crown of his head. He smiled a wry smile, and said “Maybe God knew what he was doing after all!”

-God knows what’s best for us.

-God sees furthers down the road than we can.

-God will always do the loving thing.

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