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We are sinners…(jack mcardle)

A saintly old woman was out for a short stroll one night before going to bed. It was a beautiful night, clear sky, bright stars, full moon. The old woman was deeply touched as she looked up at the sky. With a deep sense of reverence at the awesomeness of God, and his creation, and her own limited humanity, she fell on her knees, and cried out, ‘Oh God of infinite goodness and beauty, please don’t ever let me offend you in the slightest, tiniest way again.’ Then she heard a voice saying, ‘My child, if I granted that request to everyone, how could I ever show my infinite mercy and forgiveness, which is one of the clearest ways I have to let people know and experience my love?’

-If I can forgive another often enough,  I will really come to have a real love for that person.

-Forgiveness is the preservative that keeps love from going bad, or from dying.

One comment on “We are sinners…(jack mcardle)

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