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Are you saved? Then Look like ONE….

A man dived into a raging swollen river to rescue a boy who had fallen in. It was a tough struggle. The river was in full spate, and it was a miracle of God that the man succeeded in grabbing an over-hanging branch, while clinging to the boy with the other hand.He brought the boy to safety, none the worse for his near brush with death. He brought him home, and gave him over to the care of his mother. As the man was leaving, the boy said, ‘Thank you very much, sir, for saving my life.’ The man put one hand under the boy’s chin, and looked him in the eye, and said, ‘That’s OK son! Just make sure your life was worth saving.’ [j.mcardle]

Jesus would also remind us now with these or similar words, to acknowledge the value of our life. Each one of us is unique and special in the eyes of God. Just imagine this, on the sixth day, God made us human beings, man and woman. Then after creating us, he just loved us so much that he couldn’t help but enjoy looking at us, that he didn’t create anymore after us.

There’s no point imitating those people whom we think our model in life. God wants us to be ourselves. Jesus asks us to love God and our neighbors, as we love ourselves. But how can we love ourselves when we don’t even know our real selves? How can we face our true selves, when we are living in fantasy, of what we want ourselves to be?  God has already done in us, what we are supposed to be…and that is to be loved. And proof to this love is his death on the cross to save us from death in sin, and to give us life…life to the full…the fullness which  can only be found in God.

SO: “If we are saved, we should look saved, and live like people who are saved.” [j.m.]

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