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“Kapalaran”(Fate/ destiny)

“Kapalaran” is the title of my “screen play” which I am going to publish here in my blog soon… The story is about  “mysterious guy” who ventures into an unfamiliar place to test his commitment in life by doing unexpected and amazing things as well as moving gestures. The story hopes to enlighten the reader […]

Mary in the Wedding…

The wedding happened at Cana in Galilee Also marks the ministry of Mary That she looks at what was needed And then to her son, she’d humbly plead. There is only one thing, from us she demands To do whatever it is that Jesus commands And thus when the lack of wine came to Jesus’ […]

If You Oh God!!!

If you oh God would appear to me today And gave me a chance to ask you for one thing only The very thing I’d ask you readily Is that I will be with you every moment of everyday If you oh Lord asked me why I chose this thing Because my God, you are […]