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Scene: Hotel Room. Time: Early morning. Jude is seen sitting on the chair, facing the hotel window, as he seems to be reading a book. Jay-r, is on the bed, lying on his back, looks with such curiosity at what Jude is doing. Jay-r: Tol, sorry ha, parang malakas ang tama nung iniinom natin ah… […]

Sorry, I Have no TIME….

I found this beautiful poem, but I could not trace the author of this…I like this because it speaks about me, at times in my life…


An anecdote: One day a child was busy doing ‘something’ in the lounge. He was so busy that he even did not notice the coming of his Father. “Son?” His father asked. “Yes, Dad…”  the son replied. “What are you doing? It seems like you’re drawing something? Do you mind telling me what is it?” […]