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An anecdote:

One day a child was busy doing ‘something’ in the lounge. He was so busy that he even did not notice the coming of his Father. “Son?” His father asked. “Yes, Dad…”  the son replied. “What are you doing? It seems like you’re drawing something? Do you mind telling me what is it?” the father curiously inquired. “Oh, this is my project dad, I am making a portrait of GOD,” answered the son innocently. “But, it is difficult to do that,” the father said.  “No one has ever seen God. No one has ever met God. Even myself I could not figure how does God look like.” “Oh no worry dad”, assured the son. “You’ll see God when I finished this drawing.”

Our Gospel today (Mt. 11:25-27), leads us to meet God in person thus to enable us to see how God looks like. Here, Jesus praised His Father for revealing himself to the simple people, those with childlike attitude.

The challenge for us today, can we look at flowers as flowers still or we just look at flowers because somebody said something about it? In the same way, do we look for God as God in our lives, or we just believe in God because somebody tells us ABOUT Him?

Is God really our own FRIEND? Or is he JUST a FRIEND of our FRIEND?

What do you say?

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