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See how God works!!!!


KAPALARAN CHAPTER 2 Scene 2: At Jude’s hotel room.. Jay-r: Tol, dito ka ba nakatira? Ganda dito tol! Ganda ng view!!! Nakakahiyang sabihin pero lam mo, first time ko pa nakapasok ng hotel. Ganda pala. Jude: Tol, feel at home ka lang dito ha. Jay-r: Tol, nakakahiya nga sa’yo eh, kasi ang baho-baho ko, tapos […]


In the Gospel today, Mt 11:20-24, Jesus challenges us to see God’s will in every event and in every moment in our life. Sometimes God’s will may not be very obvious but it does not mean that God is not there. He’s always there. He is always offering opportunity for us to renew our commitment, […]


“Showing to someone the POWER of  our EXAMPLE  is to be always in our thoughts, words and actions, instead of showing someone the EXAMPLE of our power….” See: Mo. Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., John Paul II, St. Francis Assisi, etc…


“Who is my neighbour?” My neighbour is  one who is there to be with me, even without doing something, but just being with me, all the time, by this I mean God. Yet he also wills me to  be a neighbour to somebody today… God lead me, wherever you want me to go…Take me and […]

Todays Gospel: Mt: 10:24-33

At times in my life, I would doubt if God really cares for me. There are times when I felt all alone, with no one to hang on. It seemed like God is a silent God. But then in the gospel today, Jesus reminds me, you and all of us, that we are indeed precious […]

Wisdom of the Day…

” The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not a private opinion, a remote spiritual ideal or a mere program for personal growth. The Gospel is the power which can transform the world.” (Pope John Paul II)