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Horrible News…

Bloody Friday for Melbourne… Click the link…

NEWS to Ponder on TODAY…It’s worth reflecting upon…

Harrowing tales of loss and despair from China landslide— Pakistan flood-affected areas: Ecuador jolted by 6.9-magnitude earthquake

Wanna lose weight? Seriously????

“If you really want to lose weight, there are only three things you must give up: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. (Gary B. Wright)

Saint of the Day

Saint of the Day for August 13 St. Hippolytus Martyr of Rome, with Concordia and other companions, he is a controversial figure who censured Pope St. Callistus I. Hippolytus was slain in Sardinia where he had been exiled for being elected as an antipope, the first in the history of the Church. He was reconciled […]