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SAINT IGNATIUS OF LOYOLA (1491-1556) Ignatius: I was a soldier before my radical conversion. I could not even believe it that there are  more than thirty-thousand Jesuits priests and religious all over the world now. Anyhow, it was really my motivation to form an army for the Lord, and it is realized now and it’s […]

Way Sama (Fr. Jed)

Hiram Sa Diyos:A song for Fr. Dan Blasabas…

Prayer of the Barley Boy Within…

This prayer is formulated

Sad NEWS: Rev. Fr. Danny Blasabas…

Another man of God, a priest in the Archdiocese of Cebu, Philippines died. Rev. Fr. Danilo  Blasabas died a sudden death last night, 16 July 2010. He was on his early 50’s. He was  the priest who helped me a lot to continue on my vocation to the priesthood. I owe him a lot. He […]

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Pray for us sinners….

Today, July 16, is the feast day of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. In the introduction of this feast found  in The Divine Office, vol III, it says that: “the Sacred Scriptures speak of the beauty of Mount Carmel where the prophet Elijah defended the faith of the people of Israel in the living GOd. […]

Thank God I am poor and I am happy…

I come from a poor family, and  I am very proud of it, because in that respect I am one with Jesus. God as he is, he chooses not to be born in a ROYAL hospital, not even in a comfortable bedroom, but in the lowly stable. And not only that, God- as he is, […]