In God’s Eyes, nobody is nobody, because Everybody is Somebody

One day a watch was crossing the town square just as the big clock on  the church steeple was tolling twelve noon. The watch looked up at the big clock and said;

“You think you’re better than the rest of us, don’t you? You spend your time looking down on everybody. You ought to take a good look at yourself. Your face is so common, your hands so clumsy, and your voice so coarse!”

But the big clock calmly replied;

“Come up here, my little brother, and I’ll show you something.”

With that the little watch climbed up the unending stairs, and at last stood beside the big clock. It was even bigger from close up. What a view there was from here. But pretty soon it began to see things differently. It was dangerous up here, very exposed, and ever so lonely.

“Little brother, there is a man down there who wants to know the time. Why don’t you tell him?” said the big clock.

“Oh, I couldn’t make him hear me from here or see me either,”  the watch replied.

“I see,” said the big clock. “So you can’t tell him. But I can tell him. We each have a job to do. I can do what you can’t do. You can do what I can’t do. Let us therefore not criticise one another. Instead let each of us in our own way, and from our own place, tell people the time. In that way, we will not only be equal but brothers as well.”


4 comments on “In God’s Eyes, nobody is nobody, because Everybody is Somebody

  1. ok how is this supposedto mean?

  2. Awesome post. I so good to see someone taking the time to share this information

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