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I have a story….

As promised, today I am going to start publishing my “PLAY”. I mentioned the other day that I would be writing a “Screen play,” however, it may not be that practical to be posted in here with all those directions and effects. Hence, I would just publish it in a form of a “plain play”, with little instructions and effects or backgrounder, and suggest that you- the beloved reader and visitors to get yourself involved in the “play”. This play is in “Tagalog”[ A Filipino Language], so just drop by my blog later if you wish to know the English version of it. Last note: This is based on a pure fiction only, yet it is open for all of us to make it a reality for it speaks of the reality of our human life.

My “Kapalaran” starts here:

The Story begins with a typical Urban Manila setting, then moves  into the  typical Rural setting as in the Province of Pangasinan. The Cast of the Story are:


Old [unnamed lady]



Amina [mother]


Hardinero  [Gardener]

Josephus [younger brother]

Fr. Ted [Cathedral Priest] Jose [Father]

Maring [Presbytery Housekeeper]                            

Unnamed bus Passengers

Agnes [Jonard’s classmate]

Luke/ Lucille [Jonard’s classmate]

Bus  Conductor/attendant]

Gemma  [Jay-r’s GF]

Jonard [Jay-r’s brother]

Jennifer [sister]

Unnamed Waiter

3 Gay friends [1] Susimo/ Susie

[2]Bernardo/ Narda

[3] Harvey/ Hara

Fr. George

Mang Ernie [Market’s caretaker]

Unnamed Government Worker

Extras: The Rest of Jay-r’s Family[ Ate Jean w/ kids: Jay & Josephine; Max- [Jean’s husband]; Jonathan & Julius- [Jay-r’s younger brothers]

What do you say?

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