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Todays Gospel: Mt: 10:24-33

At times in my life, I would doubt if God really cares for me. There are times when I felt all alone, with no one to hang on. It seemed like God is a silent God.

But then in the gospel today, Jesus reminds me, you and all of us, that we are indeed precious in the eyes of God. God cares for us us as he caters for the needs of all. To acknowledge this great love of God to me, to us therefore, offers an invitation for us to BE LIKE JESUS, to have the mind and the heart like Jesus, and to tell to all the world this great Love of God for us, through Jesus, our master.

There are many good things in the world we have the power to execute. God offers us many opportunities, from the moment we wake up to the time we go to bed, whereby we can show this great love of God in Jesus for us…we have a neighbor in need, our old buddy invites us to sit down and have a cuppa with him, etc. Moments of these sort are precious time where God calls us to spread his love to everyone…

I personally, I am always moved by the Reality TV program in the Philippines, when they allow everyone to express their wishes, no matter what they are, and then the TV  management would make those wishes a reality. There, the real happiness, fulfillment, and satisfaction,  can really be seen both by the audience like me, and for the recipient as well. So if you wish to get a glimpse of this program. Though it may be in Tagalog but surely you can follow through the flow of it. You can browse it in…www.pinoy24.tv. Then search for WISH KO LANG. And all the episodes will come up, and enjoy…

There are many good things in the world we can do, if we only share in the mind and the heart of Jesus….of God.

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