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Thank God I am poor and I am happy…

I come from a poor family, and  I am very proud of it, because in that respect I am one with Jesus. God as he is, he chooses not to be born in a ROYAL hospital, not even in a comfortable bedroom, but in the lowly stable. And not only that, God- as he is, with everything he has, but he chooses to live a life of poverty and simplicity, “not even a stone to lay his head on”.

Being poor is characterized by all wild imaginations, longings, cravings, desires, and all those things that only the RICH or the Well-off people are lucky to possess. I’ve imagined all that  before.

After sometimes, I’ve had the opportunity to possess, to experience, to realize all those longings  and cravings of a good life. I thank God for that because I thought that would be the happiest moment in my life when most if not all my childhood dreams are fulfilled and made come true. But then, I only enjoyed it for a very short time.

I began to long for more. I began to find out that those “luxuries” left me empty.

I have experienced having food on my table always. I have experienced having money on my pocket. I have experienced having savings in the bank. I have experienced living in a “first-class” type room  when I can call MY HOME, with all these things I need, ready at hand….

But they are nothing. They don’t satisfy me…They don’t fulfill my deeper need. The more I have all those things, and all those wonderful and “fairy-tale” lifestyles, the more I feel empty.

I searched for God. I searched for Jesus. God made me realized that only in him, my emptiness will be filled in. I agree with St. Augustine when he proclaimed, “My heart is restless until it rests in You [My God].”

Thank you God for re-directing my way back to you. Thank you for giving a piece of your heart. Thank you for the graces you’ve poured on me. Thank you for the people you’ve sent to meet me on the way, and to remind me to turn back to you. Thank you for the love, understanding, the care and for everything that you’ve given me all these years…

Thank you Lord…and PLEASE LEAD me always. Please don’t let me go…Please Lord…BE my DREAM COME TRUE…

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