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If Jesus comes today….

Many times in my life, I  acted like the Pharisee in the gospel. Looking at the pharisee’s actions here, I can really mirror myself to what  he was doing. First, the pharisee makes a good move. He invites Jesus to dine with him at his home. I, myself, like the pharisee, have invited Jesus to come into my life, and he indeed, has responded to my invitation. And as a return, he also invited me to follow him, and that’s why I am here now, in this foreign land, because he has called to me to follow him here.

However, the pharisee has also made the bad move. Yes, he welcomes Jesus to his home, but once inside, especially on the table, ready to eat, he CRITICIZES Jesus’ table mannerism, that Jesus did not care to wash his hands before meal. Yet unlike, other guests who would just smile and take criticisms within him or herself, Jesus turns the criticism into an opportunity to let  the critics know and understand that it is not the external ritual which is important, but rather, it is the inner disposition of the heart.

Therefore, today, Jesus is calling us to make  a  review our life, in our relationships with other people, and most especially in our relationship with Him. If Jesus comes to dine with us today, will we welcome him without reserve?

I would assume, we have invited Jesus to be with those who are affected by the different natural disasters happening in  many parts of the world today. Have we done our part to make him welcome and to work with him in comforting those people who are suffering? Or instead, we criticise HIM for allowing these things to happen?

St. Paul leaves us a warning for all of us who  have tried to invite Jesus to come into our hearts and live in us, but not really in a sincere way…

St. Paul says, to the Romans, “That is why such people are without excuse: they knew God and refused to honour him as God or to thank Him…”

Therefore, as we spend the rest of the day and the week, let us always remind ourselves, if we have always reserved our hearts open for Jesus, anytime, any day, any moment…

So let this be our prayer.

Jesus, I know, I am a pharisee before, in many ways, that you only can  know. Help me. Correct me everytime I think I am luckier and  better than the other. Open my eyes to say you in the face of my sisters and brothers at home, on the streets, at work and everywhere. Amen…

What do you say?

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