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God is everywhere, is He?

There was a man whose habit is to go to the centre of the forest not far away from his house. He goes there everyday at almost the same time. One day, his neigbour who was curious of what he’s been doing tailed behind him. He ended up as well at the middle of the jungle. There he found his found his neigbour sitting quietly on mossy log.

“What are you doing in here?” he asked the man.

“Well, I’m praying,” the man replied.

“But why in here? Why not just in your house?”

“Oh I feel that God is so close to me here.”

“But God is everywhere, is he?”

“Yes.” the man retorted.

“And isn’t God the same everywhere?”

“Yes, he is”, the man affirmed, “but I am not.

One comment on “God is everywhere, is He?

  1. This post makes a lot of sense !

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